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Cell lines Catalogue 


Bio-Xtalís inducible stable cell lines proposed in our catalogue offer many advantages:
  • High level of expression (over 10e6 receptor/cell for more than 90% of our references)
  • Long lasting stability of the expression (More than 6 months)
  • Straight-forward up-scaling in roller bottle systems.
  • Attractive prices starting from 5 000Ä
  • Tailored constructs adapted to customer needs
  • Delivered in frozen vials or in culture flasks.

    Family Organism Name Receptor Name CHO Cells HEK Cells Memb prep
    Opioid  Human  OPRD1  Delta-type opioid receptor  CGH1083   HGH1083    
    Opioid  Mouse  OPRD1  Delta-opioid receptor  CGM1084   HGM1084   MGM1084  
    Opioid  Human  OPRK1  Kappa-type opioid receptor  CGH1085   HGH1085   MGH1085  
    Opioid  Mouse  OPRK1  Kappa-type opioid receptor  CGM1086   HGM1086   MGM1086  
    Opioid  Human  OPRM  Mu-type opioid receptor  CGH3037   HGH3037