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Tetracycline Inducible Recombinant Human D(4) dopamine receptor stable HEK adherent Cell Line 

Catalogue Nb:

HGH1046 Availability: 6 weeks


P21917 Cell line price: 5 000



2 X 1 mL frozen aliquots.


2 x 10e6 cells / mL in freezing medium.

Receptor Tag:

N terminal double STREP-tag.

Product description:

Ampicilline/Hygromycine resistant clones of Human D4 Dopamine stably expressing HEK cell line were obtained by limit dilution and compared for their expression level by confocal immuno imaging.

Gene synonyms:


Receptor synonym:

D(4) dopamine receptor, D(2C) dopamine receptor, Dopamine D4 receptor

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