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Cytobody Technology

Cytobody is a revolutionary tool for the study of molecular mechanisms in cells.

The Cytobody library has been randomised from a human single chain antibody fragment scaffold optimised for cytoplasmic expression.

The library has been cleared from all non-expressing clones to ensure that all the selected Cytobodies will be well expressed either by bacteria or in a mammalian cell cytoplasm .

Bio-Xtal is providing Cytobody selection service for a low price and short dealine when compared to raising a classical antibody against an antigene.

But as opposed to classical antibodies you will be able to:

    Have a sequence for your Cytobody.

    Have it expressed or express it yourself in large quantity in e-coli at a very affordable price.

    Have it labeled with a fluorescent dye at a very affordable price.

    Express them in mammalian cell cytoplasm to:
    • Follow your antigen cell location using cell imaging
    • Study effect of the inhibition induced by the Cytobody on specific protein/protein interactions or cellular functions such as signal transduction.

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