BioXtal, Speeding up your discoveries. From DNA to 3D structure.


Bio-Xtal is a pioneer service provider for protein expression and structural biology.

Since fifteen years, we developed expertise in integrated structural biology projects from domain definition to structure delivery (x-ray diffraction or NMR.)

Each time this is possible, we monitor the activity of our targets thus ensuring the relevance of the structural data we deliver. Our policy is to systematically develop home designed activity assays during our structural biology projects.

We master the whole production process from eukaryotic and prokaryotic expression to purification and QC. This allows us to supply the same high quality protein for both our structural work and for customer screenings. This assures the coherence of the results obtained on both sides.

A new key offer from of Bio-Xtal is to provide cytosoluble single chain antibody fragment selection (Cytobody™). These can quickly be raised against any antigen (within 3 weeks), starting from small quantities of antigens (10-20g).The cytobodies have high expression levels in E Coli allowing easy production. Cytobodies also fold within mammalian cells thus allowing their use in cellular biology.

The applications of the Cytobodies range from the discovery of new druggable sites in multi-domain proteins to immuno-detection, cell imaging, protein localisation or transport in cell model, protein purification, and protein stabilisation.