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New Bio-Xtal’s catalogue is now online

We are proud to offer the first catalogue dedicated to ion channels and GPCRs, including

  • CHO and HEK293 inducible stable cell lines
  • Membrane preparations
  • Purified receptors

Our products are well-suited for a large range of applications, including ligand binding assays, SPR, antibody selection, RMN and Xray crystallography.
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Quick-off meeting of Synsignal: An EU FP7 7M€ funded consortium involving Bio-Xtal with 6 other partners will be dedicated to the development of synthetic pathway related to GPCR signaling.


BIO San Diego: Meet us in San Diego to the 2014 BIO International Convention


BioXtal has concluded a licencing Agreement with LifeTechnologies for the development of tetracycline inducible mammalian stable cell lines.


Bio-Xtal in association with the CEA is proposing a new expertise to develop scaffold free binders based on Stamps™ technology.