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Quick-off meeting of Synsignal: An EU FP7 7M€ funded consortium involving Bio-Xtal with 6 other partners will be dedicated to the development of synthetic pathway related to GPCR signaling.

SynSignal is a multidisciplinary high-tech consortium working in synthetic biology's area of greatest untapped potential, delivering a synthetic biology toolbox and finished products custom designed for major present and future industrial applications of cellular signaling.

Cellular signaling systems are crucially important for a broad range of critical health and disease areas and high value industrial applications. Signaling systems are the target for more than half of the medicines marketed by the pharmaceutical industry, and form the main R&D area for the nutrition, flavour and fragrance industries.

BioXtal is involved in this project to discover and characterize functional antibody fragments to stimulate or inhibit synthetic signaling cascades, by providing our expertise in

    • Target over-expression and purification
    • Binders development, selection and functional characterization.

We are happy and proud to work with our partners to enhance our discovery and technology platform, thereby increasing our efficiency, output and valuation:

  • The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Dr Imre Berger)
  • University College Dublin, National University of Ireland (Prof Boris Kholodenko)
  • Karolinska Institute (Prof Per-Olof Berggren)
  • Deutsches Institut fuer Ernährungsforschung Potsdam-Rehbruecke (Prof Wolfgang Meyerhof)
  • Fundació Privada Centre de Regulació Genòmica (Dr Luis Serrano)
  • Geneva Biotech Sárl (Dr Daniel Fitzgerald)


BIO San Diego: Meet us in San Diego to the 2014 BIO International Convention


BioXtal has concluded a licencing Agreement with LifeTechnologies for the development of tetracycline inducible mammalian stable cell lines.


Bio-Xtal in association with the CEA is proposing a new expertise to develop scaffold free binders based on Stamps™ technology.