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New Bio-Xtal’s catalogue is now online


Quick-off meeting of Synsignal: An EU FP7 7M€ funded consortium involving Bio-Xtal with 6 other partners will be dedicated to the development of synthetic pathway related to GPCR signaling.


BIO San Diego: Meet us in San Diego to the 2014 BIO International Convention


BioXtal has concluded a licencing Agreement with LifeTechnologies for the development of tetracycline inducible mammalian stable cell lines.

Following the signature of an agreement with LifeTechnologies, Bio-xtal has initiated the transposition of all its catalogue reference using the TetOn - TetOff technology. After intensive evaluation of various Eukaryotic systems for the expression of membrane receptors, Bio-Xtal have been convinced by the superiority of the LifeTechnologies solution. Accordingly, the company is currently transferring our entire catalogue in this system, and should be able to launch about 100 new products shortly. We plan to complete the transfer of all our catalogue references by the end of 2014. Thanks to this agreement, we are able to provide CHO and HEK stable cell lines, enriched membrane preparations and purified receptors in yield compatible with structural biology studies. This technology offers many advantages, such as stability of the expression yield over the time, straight-forward up-scaling, over 10e6 receptor/cell level of expression for a majority of our references and flexibility to adapt our product offer to the end-user preferred construct.


Bio-Xtal in association with the CEA is proposing a new expertise to develop scaffold free binders based on Stamps™ technology.