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NMR of proteins :

We offer NMR services through privileged access to a major European NMR centre. This method may yield essential data for protein or pharma research. We also use NMR in house for checking protein structuration in delicate cases.

Protein labelling 13C,15N
  • Definition of constructs
  • Multiconstruct approach
  • Stability tests using thermofluorimetry
  • Systematic use of activity assays (incl. delivery of constructs for screening by customer)

Data acquisition and analysis
  • Access to 600 to 900MHz spectrometers and NMR specialists


  • Validation of structuration for new targets
  • Titration experiments with Hits , leads or products bound to labelled targets
  • Backbone assignment of new targets
  • Dynamics analysis and dynamics perturbations by ligand binding

As for all of our fee-for-service proposed expertise, we are applying a "no result- no fee" policy to our NMR offer. Do not hesitate to for more detail on our NMR services.