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Receptor expression/purification :

Our membrane receptor purification expertise has been built on more than a decade of technology development. We are today in the position to overcome all the major bottlenecks leading to successful purification of mg quantities of integral membrane receptors in detergent or reconstituted lipid vesicles.

Over-expression in native conformation: Our main expression system is the mammalian inducible stable cell line. We have been able to express more than 50 different receptors at very good level (over 10e6 receptors/cell). Our stable cell lines are fast and easy to scale-up in a very reproducible manner. New stable cell lines can be established within 6 weeks in many tag/construct combination.

Solubilisation/purification screening platform: Screening of detergents and additives are performed on solubilised receptors monitoring the receptor GF profile in analytical scale. The best profile buffer conditions are further screening on analytical purification monitoring both yield and GF profiles.

Optimisation of ligand binding properties: mg scale purification is performed using the best yield/GF profile conditions. Further detergent/additive and/or lipid mix screening are performed on purified receptors monitoring their ligand binding properties.

  • SPR experiments
  • EM
  • 2D 3D crystallisation
  • NMR of ligands
  • Antibody selection from recombinant or naïve libraries
  • Membrane vesicle reconstitution
  • Mass spectrometry based screening

As for all of our fee-for-service proposed expertise, we are applying a "no result- no fee" policy to our receptor expression/purification offer. Do not hesitate to for more detail on our receptor expression/purification services.