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We run several collaborative R&D programs for the sole purpose of developing innovative technologies.

We work in collaboration with AFMB Laboratory for toxins screening on ion channels.

The artificial binder technology has been developed by the CEA on the principal of a scaffold-free binder. Artificial binders have been successfully discovered using this technology for ion channel ligand mimetics and metalloprotease inhibitor mimetics Artificial binder technology

Theranyx is a R&D Bio-Xtal spin-off dedicated to Ion Channels study, especially cys-loop family. Theranyx has demonstrated rapid discovery of functional antibody fragments using purified active receptors (patent pending) and is in a position to propose related products and services

European projects:

  • SynSignal is a multidisciplinary high-tech consortium working in synthetic biology's area of greatest untapped potential, delivering a synthetic biology toolbox and finished products custom designed for major present and future industrial applications of cellular signaling.
    SyMBaD ("Synapses: from Molecules to higher Brain function and Diseases") deals with the study of synapses and extends from molecules through higher brain function to diseases.

    The SyMBaD international and research program is part of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network. It particularly aims to better understand the structure and function of the synapse in the normal and the pathological brain.