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Xray structure determination :

X-ray structure resolution may last from a few weeks for the most favourable cases to years of work. A key factor of success is the behaviour of the target protein in solution. The expertise of Bio-Xtal allows us to provide quickly a clear evaluation of the chance of success of a structure resolution study

Our proposed proof of concept study includes:

  • Protein domain definition and cloning
  • Analytical expression/purification of 2 to 5 constructs
  • Bio-physical characterisation
  • Crystallisation pre-screen.

As for all of our fee-for-service proposed expertise, we are applying a "no result- no fee" policy to our X-ray crystallography offer. Do not hesitate to for more detail on our structure resolution services.

Our Structural biology service Key points

Gene to constructs

  • Definition of constructs
  • Multiconstruct approach
  • Systematic use of activity assays (incl. delivery of constructs for screening by customer)

Crystallisation to structure resolution

  • Screening in nanodrop format, optimisation in nano or micro drop format
  • Co-crystallization or soaking of ligands
  • Data collection In house and/or synchrotron


  • New targets
  • Hits , leads or products bound to targets
  • Protein protein complexes